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25 things I hope get Cataclysmed!

I’m currently level 56 and quickly coming to the end of my Azeroth leveling (I intend to hit Outland the moment I ding 58). Although I will always remember Azeroth with fond memories I am happy to reach some TBC content and leave behind several very annoying parts of the ‘Classic’ WoW. So as the title of this post suggests here are twenty-five things I have noticed whilst leveling in Azeroth that I really hope get changed in Cataclysm:

1. Weird gear with very random stats

2. The “Find every page of this book” quests

3. Long and confusing dungeon designs (BRD anyone?)

4. The “Travel to the other continent and give this letter to my friend” quests

5. Scenic flight path routes

6. Horrid profession related quests

7. Horrid class related quests

8. Horrid quests

9. Weapon Masters

10. Gnomeregan

11. Confusing quest descriptions

12. Awkward dungeon quests that your party won’t help you with (Try explaining that Sunken Temple quest to a random PuG!)

13. Overpriced old world items on the Auction House

14. Quests that require overpriced old world items

15. Wishing you could start at level 58 like those pesky Death Knights

16. Spending so much time traveling before you get your first mount

17. Horrible escort quests (I’m thinking about that turtle in Tanaris who only moves at walking speed and expects you to take him to the opposite corner of the zone. Damn turtles)

18. Having little to no mana regen as a Shadowpriest and then watching a ret paladin solo the entire zone.

19. The Plaguelands

20. Vendors in the middle of nowhere selling the recipe you need

21. Pointless factions (Ravenholdt?)

22. Barrens chat

23. Quests mobs with awful drop/respawn rates

24. Some of the more outdated graphics

25. Thrall’s armor (How can he lead the Horde in level 30 greens?!!?)

If I am completely honest all the points I have mentioned are what make old world content so classic and when the Cataclysm hits Azeroth it will be a very exciting time to play but thinking about it makes me all nostalgic.
So what things do you want to get Cataclysmed? I’ve focused on things that I noticed whilst leveling but feel free to mention anything you want to see Deathwing’s arrival change!
  1. January 22, 2010 at 12:08 am

    Some of the things I want to see Cataclysmed are actually things that came up in Wrath, like the pervasiveness of dailies in solo content. BC solo content actually had variety; dailies took all that away. All of Wrath’s solo content beyond one-time quests centers around dailies, and that got old and tired for me. I would also like to see the homogenization of profession benefits go out the door. Rather than giving us unique benefits, most professions now give us the exact same stat bonuses, but in different ways. Boring!

    I also very much agree with 1, 2, 4, 17, and 18, though I think they should improve the mana regen of all of the classes that have slow regen.

  2. January 22, 2010 at 5:53 am

    I could not agree more about the state of professions currently. One of the reasons I like engineering so much is because it is different than the rest, it can provide quirky advantages and it’s a really fun profession to use.

    Then again, it is difficult to make the professions too different without making certain ones the ‘best’ to a min/max obsessed player base.

    Lets see what Cataclysm brings…

  3. January 26, 2010 at 7:33 pm

    The fact is that min/max’ers will always seek out what is the “best” profession. Blizzard can either try to address that fact (which they did with Wrath, and min-max’ers still found their favorite combo: blacksmithing/jewelcrafting), which is an impossible task that is destined to fail, or they can just ignore it and make professions fun for the 95% of us that don’t min/man.

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