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Forum Post Friday – New Armory = No Privacy?

Each Friday I will pick a forum post from the World of Warcraft EU forums and discuss it. I will pick the post from anywhere within these forums depending on what I find interesting, funny or just rather annoying.

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This post is started by a player that believes that the new Armory feature that shows your character’s activity has serious privacy implications and there should be an option to disable this from being displayed to the public. Although this post quickly turns into a flame war I think it is an interesting topic and it certainly has some people worried.

My Opinion

I personally think that a small but vocal minority are overreacting to the situation and are either embarrassed of how much time they spend playing WoW or trying to hide something from people they know. I love the new armory and think Blizzard have made some great changes to its functionality and it makes me want to use the armory more often. However I think it would be an idea to include an option to disable the activity feature just to appease the players that find it such a breach of privacy and I’m sure it can be done very easily.

And guys, if you are really that concerned about the armory and its lacks of privacy just don’t give away the name of your character to people that you know.

Personally I am not worried about people knowing that I Completed step [Fjord Rat] of achievement [Pest Control] yesterday and you are all welcome to check out my armory here 🙂

Interesting Replies

Dalaila (Original Poster) writes:

Q u o t e:
So, what are you afraid of?

I don’t like that people (friends, parents, my son, my wife, mu husband, my sister, my boss, my roommate, my colleague, my guildmante, my guild officer, etc) can just peek at my page to see when I play and how much I play. I just ask the option to disable it.

Would you like to use Messenger or any other IM tool without such an option (“invisible mode”)?

Would you like if your email messages were able to auto-respond to the sender “email read!” without your permission?

I do not have to hide anything but I want to be able to decide what to do of the time I spend on WoW. That’s my business, not a “worldwide” one.

Lyonesse writes:

Well, you always could see it. Just check the achievements tab… It’s just on the frontpage too now. I don’t care if other people see how much I play. That’s my business. I guess it’s only a problem when you told people you were doing something else, or called in sick, and then play WoW instead…

Jenaaki writes:

Q u o t e:

the internet offers you anonymity.

you don’t need “privacy” because no1 knows who you are. sersiously.
get over it.

You’re sure, Chris?

Questions of the Day

What are your thoughts on the new Armory design?
Is it a breach of privacy?
Should there be an on/off switch?

  1. January 22, 2010 at 11:03 am

    I love the new armory and think the new features are intended to bring wow bang up to date. The armory was very basic compared to other sites that are out there so I see it as a good thing.

    In respect of privacy:
    1. It doesn’t bother me
    2. Privacy from what

    The people who know me irl, know how much I play (or not) so yeah no issues there. People who know my char, most of us have friends list so again you can see when ingame friends are on. If people dont know you then how does it really effect you. OK they can look on your armory page and gauge how often you are on but so what. A lot of people who play wow, play it a lot.

    If you throw a sickie and your boss knows your char, simple, reroll another one if you feel you are well enough to play hahaha!!!!!!

    For those who are privacy minded yeah give them an on/off switch so at least the choice is yours but there is no way for instance, I could go check your armory page now and know who you are in irl

    Its called technological advancement – get used to it…and lets be honest, it gives to whingers something else to complain about.

  2. January 22, 2010 at 11:30 am

    “If you throw a sickie and your boss knows your char, simple, reroll another one if you feel you are well enough to play hahaha!!!!!!”

    I like your thinking :>

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