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Twas Bored…

January 25, 2010 1 comment


Questions of the Day

When should I start my career as a professional artist?

Am I a cool cat in real life?

Sorry for the randomness, I promise a more useful post tomorrow!


Finally we arrive in Northrend!

January 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Outland passed me by so quickly I don’t really know what to say. By this time I was expecting to be able to moan about how much I hated the experience but it was great. The combination of having a flying mount and very little downtime meant that I sped through each zone and raked in the XP. I had memories of Outland being this horrible grind to level 68 so I could quickly escape to WOTLK content but it was quite the opposite.

Anyway I headed over to Orgrimmar to clear my bags and make sure I was completely ready for Northrend and hopped onto the next Zepplin. My destination was Warsong Hold:

"Throm-Ka, Troll! Welcome to Warsong Hold. My heart swells with pride to see that such a distinguished hero of the Horde has answered the call of duty!"

I’ve always enjoyed the WOTLK quests and I look forward to starting them after I finish this post. I now need to start looking out for gear that might actually come in useful during the Undergered project. This means I need to pick which reputations to improve, which zones to visit and which dungeons to enter.

Why I love to Mindflay!

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

– We can literally fire lazer beams from the palm of our hands. What else do you want from a spell?!

– This spell reduces the movement speed of your target by 50% whilst pumping out some heavy damage. People often undervalue how useful this can be. In PvP you can use this spell in so many different ways and the fact that you are dealing damage can often be just an added bonus. Mind Flay can save your healer friend from being killed by that Arms Warrior or it can slow an enemy down as he tries to approach you whilst your DoTs tick away at his HP. Mind Flay is amazing in PvP!

– Refreshing Shadow Word: Pain whilst dealing damage = profit

– It is actually one of the cheapest spells to use in terms of mana compared to how much damage it can deal.

– Melting of faces

Some of you may notice that you are accidentally recasting mind flay before the previous mind flay had finished. This means you are missing out on the last ‘tick’ of damage and therefore wasting time and mana. This macro can help:

#showtooltip Mind Flay
/cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Flay

This allows you to spam your mind flay spell without allowing yourself to cast until the previous spell has finished channeling.

Level 60 means Dispersion and Wings!

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Reaching level 60 means I now have access to two very important things, both of which make my life a hell of a lot easier:

Flying Mount
Being able to use a flying mount at level 60 instead of 70 is so great when leveling through Outland. Anyone who has leveled trough Outland will understand how frustrating it can be to have to fight your way through packs of mobs to reach a quest item instead of flying over them and collecting it. Unfortunately I can’t afford to use an Epic flying mount just yet because I have put very little thought into gold making. To be honest I am far too used to making gold using maxed out professions such as Enchanting or Inscription. I am selling everything I find whilst leveling but apart from that I am not really worrying about gold too much.


Dispersion is one of the spells I have been looking forward to since I started this character and I have now gained it via the Shadow talent tree. It solves two problems shadow priests may find whilst leveling: Survivability and Mana regen. Combine this spell with the Glyph of Dispersion and you will see a huge change in your leveling experience. I no longer have to worry about mana after every fight and I o longer have to worry about getting squashed when I pull too many enemies or have to face an elite mob. As I mentioned on Friday this spell no longer looks quite as awesome but I am willing to forgive Blizzard simply because it makes my leveling process so much easier.
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Through the Dark Portal

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment
I finally hit level 58 and forced myself not to cheer when I realized I could leave the old world quests behind. I made my way to Undercity and cleared my bags, leaving a few essential items: My trusty Mining Pick, a few potions and my hearthstone. Then I happily cleared out my quest log leaving a blank page ready for Outland. Finally I made sure all my professions were ready (300+) and wasted too much gold getting the last few points for my Jewelcrafting. I was now ready to head through the Dark Portal!

Outland awaits! A magical world of strange looking quest reward gear, demons and flying mounts.
Extra note: Don’t forget you can now use a portal from any major city to teleport directly to the Dark Portal. You don’t need to actually travel to the Blasted Lands anymore.


January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

So I hit level 40 last night and finally picked up the most iconic spell of a shadowpriest: Shadowform!

Shadowform now has one of the largest descriptions I’ve ever seen for a single spell and I’m going to take a look at what it means exactly.

That description can seem a little overwhelming to a new shadowpriest and although everyone understands that it is good, not everyone can fully explain why. Also take a look at the mana cost to put Shadowform up, its not cheap so always remember that when dropping Shadowform for a quick heal or two. However the mana cost is actually a lot less than it used to be before patch 3.3 and should not be overlooked when you think providing some off heals may be useful.

Damage Increase / Damage Reduction

Ok the first part of the descrption is probably the most straightforward. Having Shadowform increases all shadow damage that you do by 15% and reduces all the damage you will take by 15%. Nice and easy, this spell will make you hit harder and take more hits.

Threat Reduction

All threat generated is reduced by 30%. As I mentioned before, being a shadowpriest means you will put out some pretty constant damage as well as group healing, which means that you may attract a little more attention from your enemies than you would like. A flat 30% threat reduction will help compensate this and let you breathe a little easier when you start melting faces in PvE.

Cannot cast Holy spells

This is the biggest disadvantage to a priest using Shadowform. You cannot use any holy spells apart from curse disease/abolish disease. This means that if you want to heal you will need to drop Shadowform. Dropping Shadowform means that you will lose all the advantage it provides until you recast it. When you recast Shadowform you will be using a fair amount of mana and wasting a Global Cooldown. So always assess whether dropping Shadowform is essential or not. However don’t be afraid to drop it when needed as you can often save your own life or a member in your party / raid. When playing in PvP you will need to drop Shadowform more often depending on what situation you are presented with.

Increased DoT crits

This part of shadowform is awesome on so many levels! Allowing your DoT spells to crit for 100% increased damage will vastly improve your DPS if you have some decent crit rating. Remember this increased crit damage will only take place when the player has Shadowform up and you really will see some awesome damage. It is also a god send in PvP when you see your DoTs crit just as you prepare a Mind Blast.

Haste now helps Devouring Plague / Vampiric Touch

This is a rather new addition to Shadowform and it is the reason that many Shadowpriests now love haste. By stacking haste you can make your DP/VT spells do the same amount of damage in a shorter amount of time and thus increase your DPS drastically. Haste is a great stat to have and it provides all sorts of benefits. One of these being the time it takes for your Global Cooldown is reduced and this will let you use your spells and abilities that much faster. Haste can be extremely useful once you get the balance right with your other stats and I will be looking at this at a later time.

So as you may have noticed, I love Shadowform and this will make my leveling process a little easier from now on. Also don’t forget, Shadowform makes everything look bad-ass.

My Professions

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

As you will know if you have read the previous posts within this blog I am a member of the Undergeared project. This means the the profession bonuses I can obtain are extremely important. I don’t really have the luxury to pick these professions because I like them or I know I can make some easy gold using them. I have to pick them because of stats, pure and simple.

Whilst leveling I have the professions Mining and Jewelcrafting, which is obviously not what I intend to start raiding with. Jewelcrafting is a great choice for me and in terms of stats alone it will provide 60 Spellpower or the equivalent in whatever stats I need. The bonus from this profession is higher for me that usual because part of the Undergeared rules state that I can only use blue quality gems unless I am a Jewelcrafter in which case I can use my three Dragon Eyes within my gear. The Jewelrafting trinekts are not currently useful to me but the stat increase from the Dragon Eyes makes it possibly the ‘best’ profession I can take.

I am using Mining as my other profession whilst I level to help me with my Jewelcrafting and to provide some extra gold when needed. I wouldn’t ever recommend starting on a new server from scratch without at least on gathering profession. However my problem at the moment is deciding what exactly I should take as my second profession once I hit level 80 and I am to ready to start taking part in the Undergeared raids. My current options are:


This profession provides a flat increase of 47 spellpower from Mixology (improved effect of flasks). This is not impressive when compared to the other profession but Alchemy also provides the following trinket:

Mercurial Alchemist’s Stone (trinket, 59 Spellpower, 50 Haste Rating & 40% improved effect of mana/health potions)

I cannot really write this profession off until I know which trinkets I will want to use at level 80. I have not completed a ‘Best in Blue Slot’ gear list yet, so it will be interesting to see how it compares.


This profession is always interesting to compare, as it doesn’t provide a flat stat bonus as such. Instead it has a series of items that can be very useful in the right hands. First of all we have the epic helm (this can be used as it is engineering only) and that provides the following stats:

Visage Liquification Goggles
Once again I will need to compare these to the blue equivalent and then look a the stat differences and see just how useful they will be. Either way this will definitely be an upgrade and gives me access to an ilevel 200 epic quality item.

Hyperspeed Accelerators (340 Haste on use)
This attachment to my gloves will provide me with 350 Haste every minute with 12 seconds of uptime. This equates to:

(340 haste*12 seconds)/60 seconds = 68 passive haste (if used every cooldown)

This blows all the other glove enchants out of the water and is a great attachment. It is also worth considering that it is off the Global Cooldown and can be combined with other abilities such as Troll Berserking to become extremely useful.

I also would like to compare this to the DPS increase that the Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket (1000 Damage on use) would give. As I need to see how much the haste would effect my DPS considering my gear will not be that great.

I also need to look at my hit rating when I have geared up to see if the Nitro Boots attachment is worth obtaining (24 Critical Strike compared to the enchant that provides 12 Critical Strike and 12 Hit Rating). Not to mention the fact that I could include Saronite Bombs into my rotation to possibly increase my DPS. As you can tell I need to put a lot of work into evaluating this profession. Oh and hell, Engineering is fun!


Finally Inscription provides a flat increase of 52 Spellpower & 5 Critical Strike Rating when comparing the Inscription shoulder enchant to the Lesser Sons of Hodir enchatn that we are allowed to make use of.

It may prove that this flat stat increase is the most useful and I look forward to grabbing a full set of gear so I can compare.

I apologize that this post may seem rather random but I just wanted to show the ideas I am having for my second profession and why it is more complicated than it may seem to decide!