Why I love to Mindflay!

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– We can literally fire lazer beams from the palm of our hands. What else do you want from a spell?!

– This spell reduces the movement speed of your target by 50% whilst pumping out some heavy damage. People often undervalue how useful this can be. In PvP you can use this spell in so many different ways and the fact that you are dealing damage can often be just an added bonus. Mind Flay can save your healer friend from being killed by that Arms Warrior or it can slow an enemy down as he tries to approach you whilst your DoTs tick away at his HP. Mind Flay is amazing in PvP!

– Refreshing Shadow Word: Pain whilst dealing damage = profit

– It is actually one of the cheapest spells to use in terms of mana compared to how much damage it can deal.

– Melting of faces

Some of you may notice that you are accidentally recasting mind flay before the previous mind flay had finished. This means you are missing out on the last ‘tick’ of damage and therefore wasting time and mana. This macro can help:

#showtooltip Mind Flay
/cast [nochanneling:Mind Flay] Mind Flay

This allows you to spam your mind flay spell without allowing yourself to cast until the previous spell has finished channeling.


Level 60 means Dispersion and Wings!

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Reaching level 60 means I now have access to two very important things, both of which make my life a hell of a lot easier:

Flying Mount
Being able to use a flying mount at level 60 instead of 70 is so great when leveling through Outland. Anyone who has leveled trough Outland will understand how frustrating it can be to have to fight your way through packs of mobs to reach a quest item instead of flying over them and collecting it. Unfortunately I can’t afford to use an Epic flying mount just yet because I have put very little thought into gold making. To be honest I am far too used to making gold using maxed out professions such as Enchanting or Inscription. I am selling everything I find whilst leveling but apart from that I am not really worrying about gold too much.


Dispersion is one of the spells I have been looking forward to since I started this character and I have now gained it via the Shadow talent tree. It solves two problems shadow priests may find whilst leveling: Survivability and Mana regen. Combine this spell with the Glyph of Dispersion and you will see a huge change in your leveling experience. I no longer have to worry about mana after every fight and I o longer have to worry about getting squashed when I pull too many enemies or have to face an elite mob. As I mentioned on Friday this spell no longer looks quite as awesome but I am willing to forgive Blizzard simply because it makes my leveling process so much easier.
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Through the Dark Portal

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I finally hit level 58 and forced myself not to cheer when I realized I could leave the old world quests behind. I made my way to Undercity and cleared my bags, leaving a few essential items: My trusty Mining Pick, a few potions and my hearthstone. Then I happily cleared out my quest log leaving a blank page ready for Outland. Finally I made sure all my professions were ready (300+) and wasted too much gold getting the last few points for my Jewelcrafting. I was now ready to head through the Dark Portal!

Outland awaits! A magical world of strange looking quest reward gear, demons and flying mounts.
Extra note: Don’t forget you can now use a portal from any major city to teleport directly to the Dark Portal. You don’t need to actually travel to the Blasted Lands anymore.

25 things I hope get Cataclysmed!

January 20, 2010 3 comments

I’m currently level 56 and quickly coming to the end of my Azeroth leveling (I intend to hit Outland the moment I ding 58). Although I will always remember Azeroth with fond memories I am happy to reach some TBC content and leave behind several very annoying parts of the ‘Classic’ WoW. So as the title of this post suggests here are twenty-five things I have noticed whilst leveling in Azeroth that I really hope get changed in Cataclysm:

1. Weird gear with very random stats

2. The “Find every page of this book” quests

3. Long and confusing dungeon designs (BRD anyone?)

4. The “Travel to the other continent and give this letter to my friend” quests

5. Scenic flight path routes

6. Horrid profession related quests

7. Horrid class related quests

8. Horrid quests

9. Weapon Masters

10. Gnomeregan

11. Confusing quest descriptions

12. Awkward dungeon quests that your party won’t help you with (Try explaining that Sunken Temple quest to a random PuG!)

13. Overpriced old world items on the Auction House

14. Quests that require overpriced old world items

15. Wishing you could start at level 58 like those pesky Death Knights

16. Spending so much time traveling before you get your first mount

17. Horrible escort quests (I’m thinking about that turtle in Tanaris who only moves at walking speed and expects you to take him to the opposite corner of the zone. Damn turtles)

18. Having little to no mana regen as a Shadowpriest and then watching a ret paladin solo the entire zone.

19. The Plaguelands

20. Vendors in the middle of nowhere selling the recipe you need

21. Pointless factions (Ravenholdt?)

22. Barrens chat

23. Quests mobs with awful drop/respawn rates

24. Some of the more outdated graphics

25. Thrall’s armor (How can he lead the Horde in level 30 greens?!!?)

If I am completely honest all the points I have mentioned are what make old world content so classic and when the Cataclysm hits Azeroth it will be a very exciting time to play but thinking about it makes me all nostalgic.
So what things do you want to get Cataclysmed? I’ve focused on things that I noticed whilst leveling but feel free to mention anything you want to see Deathwing’s arrival change!

Forum Post Friday – Spell Animations

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Each Friday I will pick a forum post from the World of Warcraft EU forums and discuss it. I will pick the post from anywhere within these forums depending on what I find interesting, funny or just rather annoying.

Please click here to read today’s forum post.


This post is one of many that you find in the ‘General Discussion’ section of the forums. It is just a fun forum post that is trying to engage the community with a topic that doesn’t involve hate towards the Blizzard devs or other players. This post asks you to name your favourite spell animation, nice and simple.

My opinion

If you had asked me this before patch 3.3 I would have said Dispersion without a doubt. What can be more cool than a dark cloud of shadowy awesome? Well
apparently it was too cool for WoW and it has now been changed so that you can still see the player model within the dispersion.

So instead I will pick Shadowform just because it makes everything it touches look awesome. When mounted you will notice that both yourself and your mount will now be covered by Shadowform and if you have a passenger then he/she will also be in Shadowform (no matter what race/class).

Interesting Replies

Rhecksa writes:

Death Grip.

Who doesn’t like shooting Unholy Lightning at enemies and yoink them towards you.”

Burden writes:

“The person on the other end.”

Vaneras (Blizzard Poster) writes:

Hmm… Hard to pick one out of so many really cool ones 🙂

I really like those spells that strike enemies from the sky, like if they were shot by an orbital defence satellite or something… Holy Fire, Moonfire and Starfire are great examples of such spells, but if I am forced to pick only one of them I would probably go for Holy Fire :-)”

Dairyfresh writes:

“I vote for Moonfire.


What is your favourite spell animation? Leave a comment explaining why!


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Love it or hate it, Gear score is one of the most widely discussed addons currently used within World of Warcraft. I have just been listening to the Hunting Lodge Podcast where they interview the creator of Gear score and talk about the addon and how it has evolved within the community. Click here to check out the podcast episode for yourself.

I don’t personally use this addon and I’m skeptical of how a lot of people treat it but I found this interview very interesting. Arxkanite the creator of this addon actually describes the Gea rscore perfectly when he says:

“With the exclusion of trinkets the gear score will increase your performance the higher it is, however it may not increase you performance in the direction you want it to. For example an item may have more stamina but create less DPS so it will increase you performance in terms of longevity or survivability but may not increase your DPS. So you need to pick the direction in which you want gear score to improve your performance.”

I really like this quote as it shows that gear score is not designed to prove that your gear is the best for whatever role you play but instead it shows you in a very general way how much your gear is effecting your performance. If you use gear score please remember this and don’t lose the habit of judging gear yourself, it is great that this addon can give you a basic idea of how your gear works but it is down to you to really fine tune your stats and gear choices.

Question of the Day:

How much emphasis do you put on Gear score?
Do you use it?
Would you kick someone from your party/raid because of a low Gear score?

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Crazy day is crazy

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I’ve had a little bit of a crazy day so I don’t really have time for a post today. I’ll just give quick update on the leveling:

I’m level 43 at the moment and currently looking for the next quest zone to dive into. I’m not really taking advantage of the LFG system that much because it takes around 15 minutes to get into a group, my mana regen still sucks compare to other caster DPS and well my spec is designed for questing/soloing for the most part. When I do fancy a dungeon or have the quests for something I usually queue up whilst questing in a zone and then just jump in when I find a group.

I chose to work Improved Psychic Scream and Silence into my spec for questing just because they really help when tackling particular types of mobs and although most people avoid these talents whilst questing I would rather be able to control each fight than increase my damage or mana regen slightly. Its only three talent points anyway but I like having the option to silence a last minute heal or Fear a group of mobs to escape.

I should have plenty of time tomorrow (its 2AM so technically its today I guess) for a decent post and sorry for the rushed update.

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