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January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Love it or hate it, Gear score is one of the most widely discussed addons currently used within World of Warcraft. I have just been listening to the Hunting Lodge Podcast where they interview the creator of Gear score and talk about the addon and how it has evolved within the community. Click here to check out the podcast episode for yourself.

I don’t personally use this addon and I’m skeptical of how a lot of people treat it but I found this interview very interesting. Arxkanite the creator of this addon actually describes the Gea rscore perfectly when he says:

“With the exclusion of trinkets the gear score will increase your performance the higher it is, however it may not increase you performance in the direction you want it to. For example an item may have more stamina but create less DPS so it will increase you performance in terms of longevity or survivability but may not increase your DPS. So you need to pick the direction in which you want gear score to improve your performance.”

I really like this quote as it shows that gear score is not designed to prove that your gear is the best for whatever role you play but instead it shows you in a very general way how much your gear is effecting your performance. If you use gear score please remember this and don’t lose the habit of judging gear yourself, it is great that this addon can give you a basic idea of how your gear works but it is down to you to really fine tune your stats and gear choices.

Question of the Day:

How much emphasis do you put on Gear score?
Do you use it?
Would you kick someone from your party/raid because of a low Gear score?

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