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Off Topic – Avatar

January 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Ok this post is not WoW related yet I really want to quickly talk about Avatar the sci-fi film that has instantly been a hit worldwide and broken all sorts of box office records.

I have just watched the film at a local IMAX 3D cinema and the entire experience was amazing. For the entire 2 1/2 hours I felt like I was part of the story and the 3D effect was so captivating. If you have the option to watch this film in IMAX 3D I would implore you to consider it, the film was meant to be watched in this way and you will not regret your decision. That being said the film is not just a 3D gimmick, it has a really great story that lets you empathize with each character and will draw you into the film however you choose to watch it.

The plot is nothing groundbreaking and features a lot of similarities to films like Pocahontas where the main character chooses to side with the native people he finds rather than the ‘evil’ invaders that he was once part of. However the way in which the film is displayed will suck you into this new world of stunning scenery and awesome creatures. The Cinematography is so fantastic that you won’t even notice the transition between live action and CGI content. The director James Cameron delayed the creation of Avatar until he thought technology could produce the effect he wanted and I think that is a fantastic mind frame to be in when producing such a film. I have a lot of respect for the people that created Avatar and I can’t wait to see the promised sequel!

For a great review of this film and various others check out the Movielicious podcast hosted by some awesome people also involved in the WoW community. The link to the Avatar episode is here.

Avatar. Go watch it!

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