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A new name and a new blog

January 20, 2010 1 comment

Hey guys!

I have just made the transition from my old blog to this new and hopefully better location. I decided to move my blog because I felt that the previous name did not really fit my blog and hopefully The Shadow Troll will suit me a little better. I have also changed from using to wordpress and I definitely prefer this setup. It feels a lot more up to date and although I’m very new to blogging I have a whole lot of features to keep me entertained.

Transferring all the posts I have written so far was far easier than I thought it would be but I imagine there might be a few mistakes here and there. I will try my best to modify these but please let me know if you notice anything amiss in my previous posts.

Well this was just a quick post to explain my decision and hopefully you enjoy the new blog!

Chris (The Shadow Troll?)

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